With both the House and Senate passing budget reconciliation bills that include significant modifications to key financial elements of the Affordable Care Act, the repeal process has begun (learn more about our latest products here).

Committees in the House and Senate have been assigned the task of dismantling the specific elements of the ACA that can be affected within the limited authority of Budget Reconciliation.

The process to repeal and “replace” will be challenging and will take time. (members of congress estimate one to two years to implement significant changes to the ACA).

During the transition and dismantling of the the ACA, a conservative approach to compliance is advised.

In 2010, as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was taking shape, Essential StaffCARE was helping to educate the staffing industry as to what compliance means and how to do it affordably.

In the coming months, the health insurance landscape will continue to evolve. Our new portfolio of ESC products, built on our Staffing-Specific Administrative Platform, will continue to lead the industry, ensuring your temporary associates are covered, and your bottom line is protected.

The ACA rules for calculating Full Time status make it difficult for staffing companies to determine how to treat employees that are off or in-between assignments.
If an employee is considered full time when they go off-assignment, do you consider them full time when they return or subject them to another waiting period?
The rules are complicated, but we’re here to make it simple. Please read our easy-to-understand guide to the 13–week break-in-service rule and keep yourself ACA-compliant!

January 1 Isn’t That Far Away.

Let’s face it, the ACA compliance rules were not made with the Staffing Industry in mind. That’s why you need an insurance partner who not only has a wealth of experience serving your business model, but who also understands all the updated rules (and penalties) associated with existing and updated ACA compliance mandates. That partner is Essential StaffCARE.

Our knowledge and experience provides you a SAFETY NET to avoid costly fines and provides you with the LOWEST TOTAL COST over the competition.

Let us show you how we can better serve you, better protect you, and have a better effect on your bottom line. Give us a call so we can answer your questions and provide a quote in time for your 2017 decision.

Please contact your ESC representative today at 877.372.2203 or  sales@essentialstaffcare.com.

Learn more about the latest updates in health reform and how they affect you.

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