At Employer Solutions Staffing Group (ESSG), we are one of you – experienced staffing industry experts.  We’ve been there, know what’s on the line and understand the nuances required to lead a successful staffing business. We are easy to work with and have unique tools to make your job easier.  And, of course, we are happy to provide all the care and guidance you need along the way.  Our mission is to assist staffing firms grow, expand, increase profits, and transition risk.  ESSG’s back-office expertise gives staffing companies more time to focus on sourcing candidates and gaining new business in all 50 states. 

ESC places the highest priority on partnering only with companies that share our mission to improve the experience and bottom line of our clients -- ESSG does just that. Clients utilizing ESSG are automatically able to offer ESC's industry leading benefits, assuring that their temporary workers are well taken care of.

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