The IRS has begun sending out Employer Mandate penalty notices for 2015 further highlighting the precarious situation staffing companies have found themselves in since the ACA's inception.

As if lookback periods, Full-Time Equivalent employees, and Safe Harbor rules for Affordability weren't confusing enough, the cyclical nature of staffing workers makes ACA compliance a daunting task at best. What makes this all so difficult is the calculation of hire and termination dates which is necessary to complete ACA reporting correctly.

This is where ESC partner StaffACA comes in.

Nervous about submitting an inaccurate form to the IRS?
StaffACA's compliance experts personally review every client's 1095-C form prior to filing.

Using your payroll system to track reporting data?
StaffACA's services are compatible with any payroll system on the market.

What makes StaffACA unique is that they have built their ACA solution specifically for staffing companies in a way that does not require their clients to submit hire and termination dates. Whether you are looking for targeted support and guidance as you self-report to the IRS, full service support, or something in-between, StaffACA has you covered. From creation of Forms 1094 and 1095, to E-filing, data manipulation, and consulting on penalties, affordability, or variable-hour employees, StaffACA has the expertise you need.

Whatever your compliance and reporting needs are, StaffACA has you covered.

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