The ACA “Reality Check” for Staffing Companies

Staffing companies face an entirely new reality in 2022:
The IRS has expanded ACA oversight and complexity
Fines are expected to increase exponentially
Compliance has become ever-more critical for staffing company owners

SyncStream provides a unique combination of legal expertise, personalized support and compliance automation technology to guide staffing firms through the complex and confusing maze of ACA regulations. From your first onboarding call, our team of Certified ACA Compliance Experts is there to provide swift, clear answers to your questions and give you all the support you need to simplify compliance and reduce exposure to potentially crippling penalties. 

The ACA Dashboard: a Simple Solution to a Complex Problem
The ACA Dashboard tracks all variable hour and part-time employees using the legal ACA Regulations to determine ACA Full Time eligible status. This includes breaks in service for employees that terminate and then return to employment at a later date. 

From a single console, you’re able to manage plan information and enrollment data.  The platform guides you through the year-end process where 1095-C codes are automatically populated leaving you, the employer, with no need to learn complicated IRS coding. It’s a full-service suite that enables you to print and mail 1095 forms to employees and automate transmission of 1094/1095 forms to the IRS.

The platform’s content, workflow and logic are overseen and vetted by SyncStream's Stacy Barrow, an ERISA attorney and nationally recognized expert on the Affordable Care Act.

Legal Expertise from a Nationally Recognized ACA Attorney
A new, more aggressive enforcement regime with a significant increase in IRS “manpower” will dramatically increase your odds of exposure in the coming months and years. What may seem a misstep or mistake can result in stiff, even door-closing, penalties.

Stacy Barrow is available to advise and guide you at when the IRS lets you know you’re on their radar – from receipt of the first letter, and at any point you need help in formulating a response.

Automating compliance via the ACA Dashboard, responsive support from SyncStream’s team of Professional Certified ACA Compliance Experts and the legal expertise of one of the nation’s leading ACA attorneys, deliver a comprehensive ACA solution tailored to the specialized needs of your staffing firm.

Save time, headache and money. Contact us today for a free, no obligation ACA “reality check.”

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