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Our Integrated Partners

ESC’s Integrated Partners offer direct integration with our Staffing Specific Administrative Platform’s technologies and processes. As a result, our Integrated Partners are able to provide seamless transfer and exchange of the employee payroll or enrollment data that is critical to easy, efficient enrollments.

Our Strategic Partners

ESC’s Strategic Partners may not be involved in the exchange of data and files, but their expertise is in areas we have identified as valuable to our clients. Whether it is eligibility tracking and reporting for the ACA, access to virtual legal counsel for HR and employment issues, or specialized knowledge about valuable, complex employee tax credits, you can be sure that our Strategic Partners have been vetted at the highest levels for compatibility with ESC’s philosophy and business ethics.

Our Association Partners

ESC is a Corporate Partner of the American Staffing Association, the highest level of support available, and an active supporter of numerous regional and state staffing industry associations and trade groups. ESC is fully committed to supporting and assisting these organizations, their members and the staffing industry.

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Contact Our Staff

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