Essential StaffCARE introduces ESC Bronze —
our fully-insured, ACA-Compliant true major medical plan designed to meet the needs of the staffing industry —
along with enhanced Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)
and Fixed Indemnity solutions.

  • ESC Bronze Major Medical

    New ESC Bronze provides full in-patient hospitalization benefits to ensure ACA compliance, and replaces first-generation Minimum Value Plans grandfathered through 2015. As the national leader for more than a decade in the staffing industry, only ESC has the size, expertise and scope of business to be able to offer a true Bronze plan to the staffing industry. A true major medical plan with full
    in-hospital benefits, only ESC Bronze combines:

    • No minimum enrollment/participation
    • Eliminates (A) tax for employers
    • Employer contribution optional to eliminate or manage (B) Tax
    • Fully-insured major medical plan
    • Electronic or paper enrollment
    • Enhanced technology solutions and award-winning administrative support

  • ESC Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)

    ESC’s Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) Plan is an ACA-compliant, ERISA-qualified employer-sponsored wellness and preventive plan covering 63 preventive and wellness services. Completely voluntary with no employer contribution required, a self-funded ESC MEC eliminates the $2,000 (A) tax on all full-time employees, and eliminates the (B) tax penalty for any full-time employees enrolled in ESC MEC. Services covered include screening for medical conditions, counseling, vaccinations for children, and certain supplements. The ESC MEC plan pays 100% for the preventive and wellness services as required by the ACA. (Also offer MEC Plus).


  • ESC Fixed Indemnity

    Over 1,500 staffing companies across America offer ESC’s flagship Fixed Indemnity Plans to help employees who need help the most – those unable to afford high premiums, deductibles and co-pays of traditional major medical insurance plans. In fact, ESC Fixed Indemnity plans cover 84-95% of the average employee’s annual medical expenses, according to industry resource Milliman Consulting Actuaries. ESC Fixed Indemnity Plans offer many benefits including:

    • No deductible, no co-pay, first-day coverage, no pre-existing limitation clauses
    • In and out of benefit status – skip a premium payment when off assignment
    • In-patient and out-patient surgery benefits, plus daily room and board
    • Coverage for doctor office visits
    • Cover the majority of an average employee’s day-to-day medical expenses
    • Excepted benefits protected from constantly changing ACA regulations
    • Does not impact an employee’s ability to receive valuable ACA subsidies
    • Utilizes one of America’s largest and most respected PPO Networks – First Health Network
    • Optional Vision, Dental, Life, Disability and AD&D benefits

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