Essential StaffCARE is proud to offer the staffing industry’s only Fixed Indemnity Medical Plan with standardized Virtual Primary Care included at no additional cost.

Through our partnership with PlushCare, enrollees are able to access a revolutionary telehealth platform connecting physicians with patients from the comfort and convenience of a mobile device. Combined with our fully-insured true Major Medical plan and a self-funded Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan, Essential StaffCARE provides affordable healthcare solutions designed for value and ACA compliance.

  • ESC Fixed Indemnity Medical

    The Fixed Indemnity Medical Plan is the foundation of our health insurance offerings, designed to affordably cover the majority of workers’ day-to-day medical expenses, filling in where major medical plans stop short. The plan includes the PlushCare telehealth platform, giving participants unprecedented virtual access to Primary Care Physicians and round-the-clock communication with a full Care Team of nurses and care coordinators.

    • ‣ No Deductible, No Co-pay
    • ‣ No Employer Contribution Required
    • ‣ Choice of Virtual or In-Person Care
    • ‣ Access to over 1 Million Healthcare Providers Nationwide
    • ‣ Affordable Weekly Rate
    • ‣ Doctor’s Office Visits (Virtual or In-Person)
    • ‣ Lab & X-Ray Services
    • ‣ Surgical Benefits
    • ‣ Prescription Drug Coverage
    • ‣ Urgent Care Coverage

  • ESC Minimum Value Major Medical Plan

    The ESC Minimum Value Major Medical Plan provides full in-patient hospitalization benefits as a Bronze plan under the ACA. As the national leader in the staffing industry, only ESC has the size, expertise and scope of business to be able to offer a true Minimum Value Major Medical Plan designed for the staffing industry.

    • ‣ No Minimum Enrollment/Participation
    • ‣ Eliminates (A) Tax for Employers
    • ‣ Employer Contribution Optional to Eliminate or Manage (B) Tax
    • ‣ Unlimited Inpatient Benefits
    • ‣ Paper or Electronic Enrollment
    • ‣ Full Inpatient Hospitalization
    • ‣ Physician Office Visits
    • ‣ Maternity and Newborn Care
    • ‣ Laboratory Services
    • ‣ Pediatric Services

  • ESC Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC & MEC Plus)

    The ESC self-funded Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan is an ERISA-qualified plan covering ACA required wellness and preventative coverages. The MEC plan is completely voluntary with no required employer contribution and may eliminate the ACA’s (A) employer penalty.


    • ‣ ERISA-Qualified
    • ‣ Complies with ACA Definition of Minimum Coverage
    • ‣ Eliminates (A) Tax for Employers
    • ‣ No Employer Contribution
    • ‣ MEC Plus provides First Dollar Outpatient Coverage
    • ‣ Blood Pressure Screenings
    • ‣ Cholesterol Screenings
    • ‣ Cancer Screenings
    • ‣ Obesity Screenings & Counseling
    • ‣ Sickle Cell Screening

  • The Simple ICHRASM

    • Newly-developed Individual Coverage Health Retirement Account (ICHRA) rules allow Applicable Large Employers under the ACA to comply with the Employer Mandate by reimbursing employees for a portion of their qualified individual health insurance plan premium. ESC’s Simple ICHRASM is designed to be simple and cost-effective to administer for the high-turnover staffing industry, and helps protect staffing firms from the impact of inflation on their employer healthcare costs


    • No Risk to Employers
    • Automated Offer and Reimbursement
    • ACA Compliant Strategy to Eliminate “A” & “B” Penalties
    • Administered on Staffing Specific Platform
    • ‣ No Costly, Complicated HRA Spending Account Management
    • Wide Selection of Major Medical Plans
    • Low Cost Coverage through State Exchanges
    • Lower Employer Contribution than Group Plans
    • Individual, Portable Plans for Employees
    • Same Comprehensive Coverage as Group Major Medical

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